Fake & Expired Medicines Were Imported To Somaliland (Abdi -Shotaly).

The Blind administration of somaliland called soldiers in Somaliland, brought fake
& expired medicines from abroad after they robbed each and every dollar of
our country, there is no excuse what ever they say, the reality is, this
administration can not afford to buy a long served medicines to cure our
National people , who are badly in need  of these at their homeland, simply
because, they don’t care the effects of the diseases that can be spreaded
easily and private chemists are selling openly these prescriptions, while
they are not telling the truth to their customers, I.e the validity of
expiry dates, fake or if its a real medicines.Since they are on business, they look only how to make profits from zero
grounds. The administratìon in place is also encouraging those who brought
it,  giving ful and overwhelmingly support without any hesitation, since
the contracted people are their relatives. If some body else apart from
their side, applies this contract of bringing the origional medicines of
same type, or having long time expiry dates, they won’t give them that
contract, because their relatives would be out of business.

I want urgentely, to call all my friends of Somaliland inhabitants and
tell them to be carefull about these medicines, check the originality of
their prescriptions, dates of expiry, whether they are fake or real. You
have to know that the suppliers ( those selling it), won’t tell you the
truth, no one will say to you my items ( I mean prescription) is the wrong
ones, what they will tell you is, this is the one you want it. So its up to
you to make it sure, if its the one you are really looking for or not.
Don’t put yourself into another risk of sickness, look before you leap
orherwise you would severe a lot.
* N.B Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

From Abdi-Shotaly.


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