Somaliland Destroys 900 Bottles Of Alcohol & Cannabis in Burao


Somaliland authorities in Burao town on Sunday destroyed over 900 bottles of Alcohol and one half kilograms of cannabis, Radio Dalsan reports.

Togdheer Province Attorney General Jama Said told reporters in Burao the administrative capital that a regional court had issued a verdict to have the confiscated alcohol destroyed.

“Here the court burns down 904 bottles of beer and one and a half kilogram of Hashish. The police have confiscated the hashish from within the town and the alcohol from elsewhere in Togdheer “ AG Said told reporters in Burao.


“The owners of the alcohol escaped and it was under the police custody for some time. The court has ruled for the burning of the alcohol but a number of bottles were kept. They will be used as an exhibit when the identified owners are arrested,” Said added

The administration expressed shock that the cannabis was locally grown by a resident of Burao.

“The most surprising thing is that the one and a half kilogram of the hashish was grown in homes within the town.”

A man identified as Abdi Aidid Didaru is suspected to be farming cannabis at two of his home.


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